About The Bones We Carry...
"This is an anthology that has veteran writers who have perfected their craft over the years...Highly recommended"
--Doug Holder, The Somerville News

Implicit in their individual voices is the truth of universal women's lives.
--Margot Torrey, Artist, Teacher, Entrepreneur, Putney, VT

The Streetfeet Women have successfully communicated across class and cultural lines...toward the goal of finding a common ground.
--Christine Peterson, Regional Librarian, Boston Public Library

It was rewarding to to see people who are trying to find a place for themselves without compromise to "fit in." Your struggle seems so healthy and is keeping you in touch with yourselves and each other.
--Claire Oglesby, Head Teacher, Westminster West Elementary School, Westminster West, VT

This was a real neighborhood event about the lives of the women in the audience. I only wish it could have been longer--or that I could have sat through it again from start to finish.
--Molly Lovelock, Sojourner, Boston, MA

One of the highlights of our season...The audience seemed to recognize that their own experiences were an important part of our shared history, and they were affirmed by the personal and very moving quality of the performers' work.
--Jane Schwerdtfeger, Education Director, Old South Meeting House, Boston, MA

They are Americans of diverse ancestry and backgrounds, fascinated, awed, stimulated, and comforted by their experiences...[The book] achieves a strong sense of the unity of womanhood.
--Lee Pennock Huntington, Review of Streetfeet's Many Voices,              Rutland Herald, Rutland, VT

The performers are vibrant women with interesting backgrounds. Together they have many years' experience in theatre, performance, and production, voice and instrumental music. And they bring it all together in their performance.
--Equal Times, Boston, MA

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