Introducing The Streetfeet Women!

The Streetfeet Women, a culturally diverse company of writers and performers,was founded in Boston in 1982 by Mary McCullough and Elena Harap. Each author speaks in a powerful and distinct voice; together they create theatre celebrating the dignity and creativity with which ordinary women live their lives.

Streetfeet performs in places where women live and work--libraries, community centers, colleges, churches, and conferences. In 1985, the  Streetfeet Women traveled to Nairobi, Kenya, for the NGO (Non-Governmental Organizations) Forum of the United Nations Decade for Women Conference; in 1995 they attended the UN Fourth World Conference on Women in Huairou, China, performing original theatre pieces at both conferences. The group has published journal accounts of their travels: MANY VOICES (1988) and THE ROAD TO BEIJING (1996).

The company's experiences at home and abroad have given the members a deeper understanding of their identity as Americans. In 1998 they compiled an anthology, LAUGHING IN THE KITCHEN, exploring this theme. The book received Honorable Mention from the Gustavus Myers Outstanding Book Awards. Past productions have been "American Praise Song," reflecting Streetfeet's search for the heart and soul of America; "Where Do You Put the Scale?" a cabaret piece about attitudes toward women's bodies; and "American Kaleidoscope," a collage of theatre pieces, music, and movement exploring racism and the diversity of American experience. In 2009 the group published its second anthology, THE BONES WE CARRY.

Streetfeet's work was recognized by the Boston Women's Fund in 1999 with their "Take a Stand" award.